Major Broadband Carriers

Major broadband carriers of wireless internet are those internet companies who offer internet service through cable lines or DSL solutions.  Most of these are offered through services that people bring into their homes such as a home phone line or television. 

With the continuous growth in the use of internet from business to home worldwide, providers are trying to increase the range, the delivery speed, and the ease of access to the internet.

Traditional Phone Companies, Cable Companies, and Wireless focused companies are all staking claims on coverage areas trying to position themselves to be the dominant nationwide player in wireless broadband internet access. This intense competition should provide consumers with an ongoing improvement in Quality of Service, pricing and bandwidth.

Some of the major broadband carriers are companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Cox Cable, Charter Cable, Comcast, NetZero HiSpeed, and Time Warner.

There are different types of wireless broadband internet such as WiFi, EVDO, and Wireless LAN.  WiFi was first created to be used by mobile devices and LANs, but it is now most often used for broadband wireless internet access.  It enables users with a wireless enabled computer or PDA to connect to the internet when they are within an access point location.

EVDO, or Evolution Data Optimized, allows the user to access the internet through the use of a modem or a mobile card which can be installed in a laptop computer.  The EVDO enables the user to interface with the 3G network which allows for high speed data usage.

Wireless LAN, or Wireless Local Access Network, serves a local or geographically limited area such as a university, office building, or home.  It uses radio waves as its carrier to give a network connection to users in the surrounding area.